Long Term Hire Terms & Conditions

By accepting these Terms & Conditions you agree to Southern Self Drive (SSD) charging your credit card account or taking a direct debit payment from your bank account.


Our rates include breakdown cover, maintenance. The price shown is per week and excludes VAT.


A mileage limit will be agreed before the start of the hire and any excess mileage charged at the appropriate rate.


We will provide you details of the vehicle you wish to hire where you are covering the vehicle with your own comprehensive insurance. We will need a copy of your insurance certificate in advance of the commencement of hire.


Payment is acceptable by credit card, debit card or Direct Debit. A deposit equivalent to 2 months rental charges will be taken in advance of the hire by credit card or debit card. This is refundable as long as the vehicle is returned in good condition and free of damage. Monthly payments (equivalent to four weekly rentals) will be taken at the start of each 28 day rental period.

Early Termination

Should you need to return the vehicle earlier than the contract period you initially agreed, additional charges will apply calculated upon the difference between the charges applicable for the actual period hired and the charges made to the point of termination.

Continental Hire

Prices quoted are for use in the UK mainland. You must contact SSD in advance to obtain proof of owner's consent to take the vehicle abroad and for Continental breakdown and repatriation cover to be arranged. Additional charges and mileage limits are applicable to Continental use. Identification Hirers are required to supply a full UK driving licence and additional identification when hiring a vehicle. As a minimum we will require 2 additional forms, made up of address identity and personal identity. Acceptable forms would be utility bills (no more than 3 months old), credit card statement, council tax bill etc.

Hire Period

You agree to hire the vehicle for the period shown on your Hire Agreement. If you wish to extend the period of hire, you need to contact us to obtain our agreement .

Hire Agreement

You will be asked to sign the Hire Agreement when you collect your hire vehicle.


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